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Huawei could launch three HarmonyOS 3.0 smart TVs


On April 28, Huawei hosted a new product launch event to welcome its foldable flagship Huawei Mate Xs 2 to China. In addition, Huawei has also launched a number of new products, including the Smart Screen SE series.

Huawei Smart Screen SE series launched in five models including SE43, SE55, SE65, SE55 Pro and SE65 Pro. In order to provide better image quality and solve the problem of smoothness in moving images, it is equipped with fast and smooth technology for the first time.


  • Huawei Smart Screen SE43 costs 1699 yuan
  • Huawei Smart Screen SE55 costs 2199 yuan
  • Huawei Smart Screen SE65 costs 3199 yuan
  • Huawei Smart Screen SE55 Pro costs 2599 yuan
  • Huawei Smart Screen SE65 Pro costs 3599 yuan

More about the Huawei Smart Screen SE series:

Huawei Smart Screen SE Pro is equipped with 12 million ultra-wide angle AI smart eyes, and the whole system supports 92% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, fast and smooth (MEMC) Honghu image quality, HDMI2.1 ALLM ultra-low latency. It offers 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage.

It has also obtained German Rhineland’s dual certification for low blue light and no strobe. By reducing the peak energy of blue light and improving the DC dimming function, it reduces the damage caused by blue light and strobe to the eyes.

For better image quality, Huawei Smart Screen SE series is also equipped with Honghu image quality technology, which improves image quality and provides better image processing capabilities through algorithms such as brilliant display technology, accurate image processing and dynamic contrast enhancement.

Huawei Screen Screen SE Series Launched

With the intelligent audio and video mode, it can intelligently judge the content currently being broadcast and adjust the picture quality and sound quality according to the corresponding mode according to the needs of the scene.

It also supports smooth call forwarding and portrait tracking features. In terms of smart voice, the Huawei Smart Screen SE series can reach a pick-up of 30cm near the field.



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