Space Leaper: Cocoon is now available for iOS and Android, along with a special collaboration with Vtuber Doranana

Damo Games has officially announced the launch of Space Leaper: Cocoon, which will allow players to get their hands on the new intergalactic mobile map RPG. With over a million pre-registrants, the game will be giving away tons of milestone rewards to players at launch.

In Space Leaper: Cocoon, players can expect to meet Vtuber Doranana and score 100 diamonds and two particle pills with the special gift code “2THEMOON”. In particular, Damo Games has teamed up with Doranana – a NeoFeline that is based on Space Leaper: Cocoon’s protagonist.

In the year 3242, survivors of a catastrophic event travel the vast space in their spaceship Cocoon. The game instructs players to form an epic lineup in combat as they go on intergalactic missions in fast-paced combat. They can also grab tons of in-game goodies as they automatically make their way across the galaxy. The game offers exciting procedurally generated adventures along with cute 2D pixel graphics and anime-style character art.


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