How to extend iPad battery life by adjusting background app activity


Extending the battery life of an iPad is useful when you are on the go or traveling. Here’s how to adjust background activity to extend its use.

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Mobility must-reads

The battery of an 8.3-inch iPad mini, 10.2-inch iPad, 10.9-inch iPad Air and 11-inch iPad Pro can provide up to 10 hours of power when surfing the web or watching videos, according to Apple . When you are in the field or traveling, you will find that your iPad battery does not last as long. But a few quick tweaks can improve your iPad’s battery life.

Disable background app refresh

In addition to lowering an iPad’s screen brightness and disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, another step you can take to improve iPad battery life is to prevent as many applications as possible from updating themselves. This process is known as Background App Refresh and allows installed applications to continuously check for new information, refresh themselves and download updates.

The advantage of Background App Refresh is that iPad applications immediately show up-to-date information when the feature is enabled, while there may be a slight delay when opening the app without the feature. The downside is that the iPad uses energy—battery power when it’s not plugged in—to check, download, and load the associated updates.

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Remove unused or unnecessary applications

It is normal to install many applications on an iPad over time, so much so that the available storage space can become problematic. Another disadvantage of installed applications, especially the ones you don’t use, is that these applications can constantly check for updates and download new information in the background, even if you don’t use that app anymore or need the information it needs to maintain .

Good maintenance habits dictate that unnecessary programs be periodically removed, so hopefully that problem is already fixed on your iPad.

Configure application background activity permission

Assuming you only maintain the apps you need, the next step to extend battery life is to review the background activity permission setting for each app.

Despite having strong preferences for systems, procedures, and orderliness, I’ve repeatedly amazed myself at how apps stack up. As a result, their associated settings — including for notifications, which also cost battery life and background activity — add up and then negatively impact how long I can go before finding an outlet or connecting to a portable power bank.


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