How to turn your smartphone into a crypto mining rig


Cryptocurrency remains one of the most accessible methods of generating passive income. It may have been complicated to get started ten years ago, but today just about any device can be turned into a cryptocurrency mining rig. The best place to start is your own smartphone.

Step One: Choose Your Mining Method

Start by getting a crypto wallet and choose the method you want to mine for crypto. We’ll be more specific about “traditional” crypto mining in the future, but we wanted to mention the other methods so you know you have options. The most popular are crypto casinos.

You have to look for a site that reviews different crypto casinos to find the safest one, but the idea here is that you can gamble crypto or just win it by playing games covered in ads.

Another great method of mining crypto is “strike”, a relatively new method of generating crypto. However, it requires that you have crypto to start with.

And that’s why the most popular method is to use your phone’s processor for mining.

Step Two: Download a Crypto Mining App

These are much more accessible on Android phones than on iOS phones, but there are apps for both operating systems. You should be sure to research the apps beforehand as different crypto mining apps allow you to mine for different coins which can affect your income.

For example, MinerGate Mobile Miner is an app that supports Bitcoin as well as several other “Altcoins”. The value of altcoins is generally much more volatile than Bitcoin, which means that the value of your assets can suddenly rise if you mine the right ones.

We’ll be honest, this is rare. But it is actually the crypto dream.

Another great app is Bitcoin Miner. Despite the name, you can also mine altcoins on this. The big difference is that there are fewer altcoins and a much better interface. This one is recommended for beginners, as the simple interface ensures that future steps don’t get complicated.


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