iPhone sales likely to hit 7 million in India by 2022: Techarc


Sales of premium smartphone iPhones are likely to top just over 7 million in India this year, market research and analyst firm Techarc said Thursday.

iPhone users are expected to exceed 20 million this year, the company said.

While the iPhone is not a mass-market smartphone, it still enjoys a remarkable love and acceptance in India. Since its official launch in 2008, when just over 50,000 iPhones were sold in the country, today the iPhone will be the slightly more than 7 million smartphone units by the end of 2022,” Techarc said.

According to the company, the iPhone has added 10 million users in the past six years.

Apple on Wednesday unveiled iPhone 14 series smartphones that will be available from September 16.

“The cohorts of frequent international business travelers and NRAs have higher iPhone penetration. At the same time, India’s states and union territories, which have a significant population working outside the country, also have a higher proportion of iPhone users. UTs include Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and Kerala,” Techarc said.

While iPhone sales in India are expected to grow 140 times faster since its launch in 2008, Android smartphones, which have the widest range, OEMs and price ranges, have seen a 49-fold growth over the same period.


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