Origin PC EVO16-S and NT-16 Thin & Light Gaming Laptops Now Available

Chris Green

Origin PC just announced a partnership with AMD for thin and light gaming laptops. They are now available.

Origin PC today launched their latest line of thin and light laptops. The laptops are powered with AMD technology.

“The EVO16-S provides gamers everywhere with an enhanced gaming experience, while the NT-16 enables creatives and professionals to quickly complete tasks with fast processing, multitasking and rendering,” says Origin PC.

Here are more details from the company:

The EVO16-S and NT-16 systems feature AMD hardware and include AMD Advantage technologies for optimal performance. Built with an AMD Radeon 6650 XT GPU and AMD Ryzen 7 6800H 8-core processor, both systems deliver powerful gaming performance, processing power, multitasking, and more. The EVO16-S and NT-16 support up to three additional screens, great for gamers and professionals alike who want more screen space to work with. Weighing in at just 5.07 pounds, the new laptops are incredibly portable despite their roomy 16.1-inch displays. Dual thermal air intakes on both systems provide powerful cooling, ensuring reliable performance and long life.


The EVO16-S and NT-16 are equipped with:


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