Upcoming Pixel tablet and dock appear in new Android animations

We now have our best look at the dock accessory for the 2023 Pixel tablet thanks to new animations in the latest Android 13 Beta.

Earlier this year, Google announced its intentions to release an Android-powered Pixel tablet, the first such device since the Pixel C in 2015. Prior to that announcement, we reported that Google’s next tablet would also act as a smartphone. Google Assistant smart display, similar to a ‘detachable’ Nest Hub. So far, though, we’ve had no clear evidence of what kind of dock would be offered for the Pixel tablet, with the only hint being that it would have a built-in speaker.

Today, Google shared the first beta of the upcoming quarterly update of Android 13, and in it our APK Insight team found quite a few tidbits about upcoming Pixel devices, especially for the Pixel tablet.

In two separate animations, we see the Pixel tablet being docked or undocked from the accessory. The first animation shows a tablet sliding onto a dock, immediately followed by a charging logo on the screen. Shortly after, the Google Assistant logo appears along with icons for music, videos, alarms, and images, many of the key uses for the Nest Hub.

In addition to this animation, Google provides some details about what to expect when your tablet is docked. It confirms that you can cast music and videos from your phone to the Pixel tablet, just like you would a Nest Hub or Chromecast, without having to unlock it first.

And if you continue the Nest Hub agreements, you can customize what appears in the dock, including watch faces, artwork, and images from your Google Photos library. The only thing we’d like to confirm is the return of the Weather Frog watch face from the Nest Hub.

Get the most out of your tablet, even when it’s docked and charging. Proceed with setup now or get a reminder later.

Hands-free help
Let the Google Assistant respond even when your screen is locked.

Always entertainment
Play music or cast videos directly from your tablet’s lock screen when docked.

Personalized display
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