Apple could lose billions after DOJ hits Google with antitrust lawsuits

  • Google pays Samsung, Apple and other telecom giants billions of dollars every year to maintain Google’s dominance in the search engine.
  • The DOJ says this behavior is anticompetitive and questions its legality.
  • Apple, Samsung and the other telecom companies will lose those high salaries if Google loses.
On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) contacted a federal judge to accuse Google of anticompetitive behavior. If the DOJ’s motion goes to trial and Google is found guilty, it could cost a number of other companies billions of dollars, including some big names like Apple, Samsung, AT&T and more.
There are many reasons why Google is widely known as the best search engine, but what you may not know is that one of those reasons is that the company pays billions of dollars to be the default option on most browsers and all US smartphones, according to one report of Bloomberg.
A DOJ attorney, Kenneth Dintzer, said he wouldn’t say how much Google spends outright, telling the federal judge: “Google invests billions in defaults, knowing that people won’t change them. They buy default exclusivity because defaults matter a lot.” to do.”
To give some context to the numbers we’re talking about here, a 2014 lawsuit revealed that Google paid Apple $1 billion to become the leading search engine on the iPhone according to 9To5Mac. And that amount has since skyrocketed to an estimated $15-$20 billion this year.
In his defense, Google’s attorney John Schmidtlein argues that the DOJ and the states focus too much on the smaller search engines and that Google’s real competition is companies like ByteDance, Meta, Amazon, Grubhub, and other sites where users search for information. Search.

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