Apple Watch On Sale Up To 56% Off On Amazon After Fall Event


There’s a reason people love Apple’s much-hyped fall events. Not only do they learn what high-tech stuff the company has been working on over the past year, but Apple’s announcements of what they’ll be bringing to market soon could mean HUGE discounts on the Apple products already out there.

All this to say that if you’ve been patiently waiting to be part of the Apple Watch crew, now’s your chance. There are currently big discounts on previous generations of Apple’s fitness tracking watching — I’m talking deals up to 56 percent off.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with all that an Apple Watch can do, but just in case you forgot, let me remind you why they’re great. The watches feel like you’re wearing your phone on your wrist. With it, you can answer texts, answer phone calls, listen to music, view your photos – almost anything you can do on your real phone.

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However, where they really stand out is their health and fitness tracking capabilities. The watches are made with sensors that can help you track your movement, your sleep activity, and even your heart rhythm, depending on which version you buy. They even provide healthy competition by allowing you to share all your stats with other friends using Apple Watches.

The watches are also water resistant, have a retina display and are fully customizable, so yes you can buy a different color band for all your fashionable outfits.

Apple has released a number of versions of the Apple Watch (their latest, the Ultra, is next). Each has its own unique features, from different screen sizes to the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels.

No matter what features you are specifically looking for, you can find one on sale for you. Here are some of the versions that are now discounted.

Apple Watches on sale
Updated Apple Watch Series 5 (56% off)
Apple updated Apple Watch Series 5 (56% off)

Now 57% discount

Apple Watch Series 7 (24% off)
Apple Apple Watch Series 7 (24% off)

Now 24% discount

Updated Apple Watch Series 5 (31% off)
Apple updated Apple Watch Series 5 (31% off)

Now 31% discount


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