AT&T customers need iPhone 14 to enjoy the carrier’s entire 5G network

AT&T is about to roll out a new 5G midband network that is more robust and can compete with the offerings of T-Mobile and Verizon. Unfortunately, the entire 5G network does not support iPhones older than the iPhone 14.

The entire 5G network does not support older iPhone models

According to NET, AT&T has spent more than $9 billion to acquire the 3.54GHz spectrum. It planned to deploy this spectrum alongside its current C-band ether. Together, this would give the carrier a more robust network that can compete with what other carriers such as T-Mobile and Verizon offer.

In August, AT&T told CNET it would upgrade its 5G devices to support the 3.54GHz mid-band spectrum. These devices include older iPhones such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. But now it looks like AT&T is withdrawing its plan as it will limit which devices can connect to the carrier’s 5G footprint. AT&T customers who own older devices with 5G capability will no longer receive updates and will not connect to the entire 5G mid-band network.

iPhone 14 supports AT&T’s new network

AT&T’s assistant vice president of corporate communications confirmed the report and even published a list of high-end phones compatible with the 3.54GHz mid-band spectrum. The iPhone 14 series is on the list.

The news means AT&T customers with older iPhones and other smartphones will only be able to connect to AT&T’s current 5G network, including the C-band 5G. However, once AT&T deploys both the 3.54GHz and C-Band 5G networks together, these customers will no longer be able to enjoy all the benefits.


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