Beat Arena is a unique beat-action RPG, released on iOS and Android


Beat Arena, a mobile RPG developed in Agonalea Games with free play, has already launched on Android and iOS after a successful four-month brother campaign.

Beat Arena, a narrative RPG inspired by jam hit FNF, is well-trained games. It sees you arriving in an infinite land and fighting your way from outsider to knight of the realm.

The two were excited. The Queen of Rhythm is under attack by dark forces. They overshadow and alter the harmony of the natural world. They just stop them.

Under the tutelage of Roger Wind, a retired Rhythm Knight, you can kill creatures with names like Bone Dragon, Gorgo, and Necrodancer. The wizards, the mages and even the ghostly trees all sting for your blood.

You have an arsenal, a dog, and a shield at your disposal, including the Nazi Waraxe, the Black Mansion, and the Haunted Shield.

Each weapon has its own unique rhythm and mastering these rhythms is great for many of us. It is also an incredibly powerful Rhythm Knight in recorded history.

You have a stack of powerful cards with the Demon Slayer and the Angel Helmet. These cards can poison, burn, paralyze and treat any monster crazy enough to stand behind you. These dangerous men cannot see.


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