Brydge’s New SP Max+ Brings Increased Productivity and Functionality to the Surface Pro 8


With a rugged all-in-one case and an anti-microbial keyboard, the SP Max+ gives users the flexibility to use the Surface Pro 8 as a tablet or laptop

PARK CITY, Utah, September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brydge, a global leader in productivity accessories for the modern workplace, today announced their latest keyboard and case combo for Surface Pro 8: SP Max+. This all-in-one antimicrobial keyboard and rugged housing gives consumers the versatility to use their Surface Pro 8 as a tablet or laptop, boosting productivity and providing a true laptop experience.

The SP Max+ is designed to maximize the power of the Surface Pro 8 and provide the user with lapability. It has a large 110x60mm click anywhere Precision touchpad with intuitive gestures and backlit keyboard. The keyboard and housing combination features a wired connection and can be connected in a snap, providing instant keyboard and precise touchpad functionality.

“The Surface Pro 8 is extremely powerful and supports consumers’ need to have a tablet that doubles as a workplace device,” said co-CEO and founder Nick Smith. “Combining it with the new SP Max+ really changes the game for users as they now have the fluidity to use the Surface Pro 8 as a laptop or detach it from the keyboard and use it as a tablet.”

Brydge’s SP Max+ includes several industry-leading features, including:

  • Pairing not required — SecureConnect™ eliminates the pairing process, saving time and frustration as no Bluetooth is required to connect
  • A place for all your stuff — The SP Max+ includes a unique Surface Pen storage solution built into the keyboard to prevent pen loss, so all your stuff has a place
  • Anti-microbial and cleanable to keep users healthy — The SP Max+ has an outer housing infused with silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria and can be cleaned with alcohol wipes to ensure cleanliness
  • Sustainable — The SP Max+ includes a protective cover and type of cover designed to pass the 4-foot drop test, both together and separately

The SP Max+ is available now on and for $229.99 and will be available in the US and Canada.


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