CD Projekt Red’s Roach Race Lets You Play As The Witcher’s Glorious Glitchy Mare


Just released for IOS and Android, Roach Race features Geralt’s famously trusty steed as she races through environments of The Witcher.

Fans can now play as Geralt’s trusty steed in this newly released witcher theme infinite runner.

On September 6, 2022, roach race was released on iOS and Android mobile devices. The game features Roach, the trusty steed of Geralt of Rivia, in a pixelated 2D endless runner as they navigate the various landscapes of The witcher series. Players will dodge obstacles, monsters and more as they collect apples and carrots to increase their score for a place on the leaderboard.

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Players earn points as they move around the screen and complete stages, with apples giving a flat bonus and carrots that temporarily increase Roach’s speed when she goes into horse hoof mode. Controls are simple, one push of a button makes Roach jump and a second makes her do a twisting double jump. If you hit an obstacle, it’s game over, while Roach lies down so that a breathless Geralt can finally catch up with her.

roach race is a direct port of a minigame from Cyberpunk 2077 of the same name, which players could access through an in-game arcade. The page for roach race proudly encourages users to try the popular game of Night City, cyberpunkthe central city. The game has different bezels for the sides of the screen, half of which are reminiscent of the original arcade cabinet and the other half simple witcher-inspired pixel designs. A variety of glitchy jokes are featured in the game’s main menu, as Roach teleports around a small thatched hut, first poking her head out of a second-floor window, then falling from the sky onto the roof before hitting the turns its place and eventually a wobbly hoof position appears next to the house.

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