CuriousJr introduces a new version of their app ‘CuriousJr Pro.’


CuriousJr Pro helps students learn to code in a more personalized way with better guided sessions

CuriousJr, the mobile-based coding education platform for K12 students, is on its way to upgrade to the next level of teaching with CuriousJr Pro’s initiative. The amendment to raise the level of teaching to code CuriousJr Pro will be launched on September 10, available on the regular application in the Play Store with the new features.

CuriousJr aims to provide learning coding on mobile phones to students who do not have access to laptops and is now expanding it in the form of a premium offering for students. CuriousJr Pro will provide language proficiency opportunities for students with the five-level plan.

  • Guided learning trajectory –The students receive practical instruction from a mentor who will help them understand the principles of Python and Javascript.
  • Master classes –The session will be recorded and industry professionals will provide instructions. These sessions will help students learn about real-world examples of coding implementation.
  • 24/7 Coaching Assistance –The students are helped to resolve their questions/doubts in real time by coding specialists who conduct live question-and-answer sessions.
  • Report – At the end of the week, each student receives a report detailing the areas they need to improve on and where they are doing well.
  • Weekly Competition –These competitions will pose problems that require these students to implement their learning and check their status among other students.

The co-founder of CuriousJr, mr. Mridul Ranjan Sahu, gave his opinion on the new path of the app, “Currently, CuriousJr gives great insights about coding, students are interested in the coding skill, but our mission is to make people understand that coding is not just a secondary skill, but a skills-based subject, so the goal is to educate the students accordingly CuriousJr Pro gives students the opportunity to understand the real-life implementation of coding languages ​​and achieve language proficiency.”

This strategy aims to guide students in depth and help them fully understand coding. In a few days, CuriousJr Pro will continue the plan where students from 8th to 12th will learn standard Javascript and Python while maintaining all levels.

Currently ~88% of K12 students do not have access to a laptop/desktop, requiring mobile solutions for students to learn to code. In addition, 79% of students in the country learn in their native language, so learning solutions in the vernacular becomes essential to ensure an effective learning system across the country. Since its release in September 2020, the app has accumulated 1.5 million+ installs and 250,000+ monthly active users. With CuriousJr Pro, the company expects a larger user base and students on its app.

About CuriousJr

CuriousJr is a Gurugram-based online platform founded in 2020 to enable code learning for children between the ages of 8 and 17. It’s mobile-first, offers classes in local languages, and allows students to publish and share creations within the wider community. CuriousJr aims to create the most trusted learning platform by 2030 that provides technology-enabled, impact-based learning to 500 million children around the world.

It was founded by Amit Shekhar, Janishar Ali and Mridul Ranjan Sahu, all graduates of IIT-BHU.

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