Don’t wake up to daily horror! Here’s how to disable the Windows 11 news widget


Windows 11 has a news widget that shows you news from around the world. Here’s how to disable the widget on your Windows 11 PC.

Do you hate the news widget that appears permanently on your Windows desktop screen every morning because of the gory or bad news spread daily by news magazines? Instead of separate widgets, Windows 11 has a News and Interests widget board that combines the functionality of all widgets, such as weather, news, photos, stocks, and more. It is an all-in-one widget that allows you to free up your desktop by keeping just one widget on your home screen.

Sometimes, though, you just want to turn off the flow of bad news. While Windows 11 doesn’t just let users disable the news portion of the widget board, there are several solutions you can use to remove it from your desktop.

Turn off News & Interests widget via Settings

Step 1:
To hide the widget, right-click on the taskbar and click Settings.

Step 2:
You will find a widget switch. Click it to disable the widget from your desktop

Step 3:
This will hide the widget from your desktop. To turn it back on, just go to the same option and click the toggle.

Hide news from widget

Step 1:


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