eSIM popularity is growing among consumers


If you’ve seen the recent Apple event, you’ll know that with the iPhone 14 series in the United States (US), Apple has completely transitioned to eSIM. This brings up a super interesting question, is eSIM actually what consumers want? Well, according to an Amdocs report, the answer is yes. According to a survey published by Amdocs, consumers are ready to say goodbye to their plastic SIM cards and welcome the next generation of eSIM technology to their smartphones.

For the uninitiated, eSIM is a built-in digital SIM card that allows users to connect to a particular telecom service provider’s (TSP) mobile network without the need for a physical SIM card in the device. Companies such as Apple and Samsung already offer smartphones with eSIM support. Worldwide, there are more than 200 mobile service providers that provide their customers with eSIM services.

According to the eSIM Consumer Pulse Report 2022, commissioned by Amdocs and conducted by Dynata, more than 81% of survey respondents supported or were open to the idea of ​​an eSIM-only future. Furthermore, more than 58% of consumers want their TSPs to integrate eSIM into their offering.


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