intoPIX Introduces Lineup of FastTicoRAW & FastTicoXS (JPEG XS) Codecs – rAVe [PUBS]


intoPIX today introduced its lineup of FastTicoRAW & FastTicoXS (JPEG XS) codecs optimized for ARM chipsets, including Apple silicon and the M1 chip. intoPIX ARM SDKs are highly optimized for the new processors used by major computer hardware manufacturers, including Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. With these optimizations, software applications such as Live Production or Editing and including intoPIX codecs can now deliver the same great experience on x86- and ARM-based platforms; whether it runs on MacBook, desktop PC, servers or in the cloud.

Why should you care? Well, this brings the AV-over-IP world of streaming video and traditional AV system video over a network closer together.
The new TicoXS & TicoRAW codecs for ARM guarantee impressive speed and performance even when encoding or decoding 8K video.

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