iPhone 14 Pro Always-On display: what it is and how it works


and it may be years after Android has such an option, but like most things Apple does, this one too is done Apple way.

Instead of a minimal lock screen with just the time and notifications like most Android phones, the iPhone Always-On display dims your wallpaper so you can still see it. It’s a more personal experience.
The idea of ​​an Always-On display is, of course, to get essential information at a glance and that means the time, date and your widgets remain perfectly visible.

Below we explore everything we know about the new option, but feel free to ask any questions you have about Always-On display on iPhone 14 Pro in the comments section below.

Always-on display questions:

Will any wallpaper be compatible with the Always-On display?

Always-On Display Examples

Apple has shown a few samples of Always-On display and they are all images of people, which of course is where this new option really shines as it is able to preserve skin tones while dimming the whole image so you can still see always have a nice dimmed image. wallpaper.

The following elements remain visible on the Always-On display, but we don’t often know that they are refreshed:
  • Time and date
  • Widgets
  • Live Activities

iPhone 14 Pro Always-On display Q&A

Note a subtle detail: when AOD is active, the layered look of backgrounds is changed and instead of the clock appearing “behind” the subject, it moves back up.

Will any wallpaper be compatible with the Always-On display?

Yes, it seems that whatever wallpaper you choose, it will support the Always-On display option. The reason here is that the iPhone really doesn’t do much more than dim the existing wallpaper, so the actual content of the wallpaper shouldn’t matter.

Can you customize the Always-On display?

We don’t know the answer to that question yet. From what we’ve seen in Apple materials, the Always-On display will automatically dim your existing wallpaper, so we don’t expect any further tweaks.

Can you toggle Always-On display on and off?

Yes, we expect that option to be available. After all, not everyone wants to show their device to the world, not even in such a discreet way.

Note that the Always-On display will automatically turn off if it is in a pocket or face down.


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