Iron Marines Invasion is now available worldwide on Android and iOS as a premium title


Iron Marines Invasion is a real time strategy game by developer Ironhide gamesnow available on Android and iOS platforms after the first pre-registration announcement back in June this year. It is a strategy game set in space with more than 25 planets, where the players compete against the other factions that threaten the world peace. There will be many side missions available along with the main storyline in which players will mainly work to defend the planets from the monsters from the outside world.

Iron Marine Invasion will feature exciting space campaigns

Image via Ironhide

Iron Marine Invasion will feature 25+ campaign missions that will take the players to different parts of the space. Players can discover and conquer many planets and defend them with real-time strategies. Iron Marine Invasion includes 70 special operations in over 25 campaign missions where players can showcase their naval talents. In addition, eight specific weapon types will be available in the arsenal to boost the troops during their world conquest.

A total of 8 unit groups will be available in Iron Marine Invasion. Twenty-four troops will be available in these units. The game also features eight unique heroes, each with their own abilities. The players can train their heroes and make them the best warriors in the galaxy.

Players can also upgrade their military equipment to make their troops more powerful. Over 40 upgrades are available, including defensive drones, napalm missiles, ricochet blasts and more. Players will also receive 20+ achievements to demonstrate their expertise throughout their journey in the game.

In addition to the main campaign missions, the game also features various side missions and boss battles. Players will face bosses on different planets to rid the planet of evil. Players can download the game on Android and iOS for a price of $4.99


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