Lots of lottery prizes


James Kono

Acer Sales and Services Sdn Bhd Miri Branch Manager Richard Soo revealed yesterday that customers in Brunei Darussalam who purchase Acer products from September 9 to 30 are entitled to a lucky draw with prizes up to RM 60,000.

The extra giveaway comes with a New Zealand travel voucher for one person worth RM15,000, a travel voucher for one person to Turkey worth RM9,000 and a travel voucher to Phuket for one person worth RM6,000.

Other lucky charms include a Gili Velo electric bike and Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition laptops.

The promotion also applies to customers who purchase Acer products in Malaysia.

The purpose of the lucky draw is to give something back to the customers in the Sultanate.

Acer Sales and Services Sdn Bhd by Miri Branch Manager Richard Soo. PHOTO: JAMES KONO

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