Mercedes-EQ opens distribution center in Mexico City


MEXICO CITY – Mercedes-EQ already has its first authorized distributor in Mexico City. There are now 4 different showrooms in the country for the brand’s 100% electric vehicles.

With the Mercedes-EQ sales point in Mexico City, the goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2039. The brand’s rapid electrification strategy has been announced since 2021 and the goal is to have a 100% EV portfolio by the end of the year. decade.

By 2022, Mercedes-Benz plans to have a 100% electric option worldwide. And by 2025, customers in every corner of the world will be able to choose an all-electric version of any of the models in the portfolio.

The authorized distributor Automotriz Hermer who will take Mercedes-EQ in Mexico City has been present in the country for 30 years. This represents a major step towards the electrification of the brand.


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