Microsoft and Blackbird show off professional browser-based video editor

Blackbird has announced it will join Microsoft at IBC 2022 to show off its browser-based professional video production software. The cloud-native video production suite is accessible on any platform via a web browser. The fast and scalable platform provides easy and collaborative access for any video production team.

Blackbird can be deployed to the Azure public cloud in just a few clicks in minutes. Blackbird also supports Azure Blob storage for video recording and publishing, enabling a completely transparent workflow. The video production software is also integrated with Azure Media Services to easily meet all streaming and video-on-demand needs.

A growing number of organizations are leveraging the Microsoft and Blackbird partnership for video production, such as Deltatre and the National Rugby League (NRL). At IBC, Blackbird will demonstrate how the software runs on the Azure platform and integrates with other media services for fast and efficient live content.


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