Microsoft Flight Simulator F6F Hellcat Released; Alice Springs & Herning Airports Announced


Today, Microsoft Flight Simulator developers had a relevant aircraft release and a number of announcements in store.

Today, Microsoft Flight Simulator developers had a relevant release and a number of announcements in store.

We start with FlyingIron Simulations, which has released its F6F HELLCAT.

This legendary WWII warbird is available at the developer’s own store for $30.75.

Below you can see what to expect.

  • Beautiful 3D artwork, lovingly created over 6 months to capture every fine detail of the real airframe
  • Professional Wwise 3D sound design, using professionally captured audio recordings from a genuine F6F Hellcat & R-2800 Double Wasp Engine
  • Ultra-realistic flight model, extensively tested and validated by real pilots with Warbird flying experience.
  • Deep and realistic modeling of all aircraft engines and cockpit systems – pilots must fly according to real techniques and procedures to get the most out of the sim
  • Extensive integration of custom modeling that overrides the standard MSFS behavior – Thermodynamics (heating and cooling modeling), ground handling, engine damage, water injection and much more
  • Full integration of the FlyingIron UI tablet, with storable user customization options, settings, basic maintenance and live aircraft reports
  • Detailed engine damage modeling (optional)
  • Collimated Gunsight can be swapped out for integrated GNS530 GPS
  • Comprehensive user guide complete with a large number of reference tables, graphs and procedures
Image Source: FlyingIron Simulations

Then Impulse Simulations announced another airport in Australia, which is Alice Springs (YBAS).

While not a huge hub, it provides relevant regional traffic and is known as a storage facility for idle aircraft.


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