Nvidia RTX 4090 leak suggests a powerful GPU that could be a nightmare for PC builders


Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card is the subject of a new benchmark leak that shows it can indeed be snappy, if of course the waste is real.

Then arm yourself with copious skepticism, especially since the source is the Chiphell forums (opens in new tab) (about in China) – a point of sale that has certainly provided useful information in the past, but not one of the most reliable in our experience.

In any case, the benchmark shown in this case came with photographic evidence, which has now been removed, but not before it was captured and shared by HXL on Twitter (via VideoCardz (opens in new tab)).

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It’s a Time Spy Extreme score (from the 3DMark suite) showing an undisclosed GPU – but given all the other information provided by the leaker, such as 450W power consumption, it should definitely be the RTX 4090 — which hits 20,192, which indicated quite a bit more than a past rumor. That previously leaked Time Spy score of 19,000 for the RTX 4090 appeared a few months ago.

That’s the graphics score by the way, and in this case the overall score is below par due to the test rig running the RTX 4090 (including a Core i5-12400F processor).

Another interesting point to note is that the photos also show that the alleged RTX 4090 is clocked at just over 3GHz, no less. As mentioned, the TDP is 450W, and the leaker claims the graphics card is a solid piece of hardware, as you’d expect, with a “very large” heatsink. The leaker even doubts it’s suitable for a mid-tower PC case.

Analysis: Dazzling revelations to be taken with caution

The Time Spy Extreme score of 20,192 is just over twice as fast as the base RTX 3090 (Founders Edition) score as recorded in our review, which was 9,955. Previous rumors have indicated that the next-gen flagship will offer roughly double the performance of the 3090, and it appears that it will (spices applied properly).


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