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Pearl TV, iWedia NEXTGEN TV program


Pearl TV, the coalition of US broadcasters transitioning to broadcast technology standard NEXTGEN TV, and iWedia, a provider of software solutions for connected TV devices, have launched an accelerated program that adds new ATSC 3.0 A/344 interactive features. The program accelerates and streamlines the path for the adoption of NEXTGEN TV technology by consumer electronics manufacturers who produce smart TVs and related devices by volume in the Android TV marketplace.

“Android TV is one of the most versatile operating systems in existence, powering smart televisions and streaming boxes for nearly a decade,” said Anne Schelle, director of Pearl TV. “With a loyal, tech-savvy and content-loving consumer base, this platform enables Android TV manufacturers to quickly get on board and accelerate their introduction of compelling NEXTGEN TV consumer features with advanced SoC technology powered by iWedia. We are excited to partner with iWedia and introduce affordable televisions that consumers crave.”

iWedia’s ATSC 3.0 software stack includes an advanced media player and browser that enriches the interactive features and capabilities provided by Pearl TV and the Pearl Network Consortium. Television system on chip (SoC) manufacturers in the Android TV domain will benefit from iWedia’s agnostic operating system and a streamlined process to enable consumer functions with Pearl’s pre-integrated SoC solutions. In addition, in-vehicle IoT and infotainment capabilities provide not only television manufacturers, but vehicle manufacturers and broadcasters with even greater freedom to layer these consumer-desired elements.

“NEXTGEN TV has proven to be one of the fastest growing new technologies introduced to consumers and this partnership with Pearl TV opens up a seat at the table for Android TV manufacturers,” said Hans-Juergen, CEO of iWedia. “We are proven pioneers in Android TV, with more than six million operating system deployments recently, and we are excited to partner with Pearl TV to help manufacturers streamline and accelerate their product launch with this advanced broadcast technology. .”


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