Receive notifications when new startup apps are added to Windows 11

You probably have a few apps that open by themselves when you start up your Windows 11 machine. These are called “startup apps” and they can minimize the time it takes to get ready for the day.

However, sometimes programs want to add themselves to the startup list without your permission. Here’s how to set up notifications when a program registers itself on the boot list on Windows 11.

Enable Startup App Notifications on Windows 11

Fortunately, special startup app notifications are a built-in Windows 11 feature. They are not available on Windows 10, but this feature may be included in a future update.

  1. Open the Settings app in Windows 11 and navigate to System > Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the app notification list.
  3. Tucked away at the bottom is the “Startup App Notification” option. Enable it by clicking the slider.

You will receive a notification every time an app is added to the startup list. This will appear as a floating notification and will also be added to the Notification Center. You can quickly access Notification Center by pressing . to push Win + No.

If you want to be able to manage startup apps in Windows 10, using Autoruns is an interesting option.

How to manage the startup app notifications

Like all other Windows 11 notifications, you can change the display settings for Startup app notifications.

  1. Open Settings > System > Notifications and scroll down to the Startup Apps notification option.
  2. Click the title instead of the switch to open the notification options.
  3. You can choose where the notification appears, such as a banner, in the Notification Center, or both.
  4. You can also set the Startup App notification priority, which determines where it appears in a list of notifications.
  5. Finally, you can enable/disable sounds for the notifications.

To learn more, check out our guide to customizing notifications in Windows 11.

Disable startup app notifications

We’ve explored why it’s a good idea to enable Startup App Notifications. But if you no longer want to be notified, you can simply disable the option in Settings > System > Notifications.

As an alternative to turning off Startup app notifications, consider changing the notification settings to make them less intrusive.


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