Samsung can’t stop talking about the iPhone 14

Even before the iPhone 14 was announced on Wednesday, Samsung was mocking Apple for the lack of “innovation” in the new iPhone models. With the iPhone 14 finally unveiled to the world, the South Korean company is back with a new marketing campaign that pokes fun at Apple for not offering features that Samsung smartphones already have.

Samsung makes jokes with iPhone 14

In a series of tweets, Samsung shared its “reactions” to “new devices announced on Wednesday”. While the company doesn’t mention Apple, it’s pretty clear that the new campaign is targeting iPhone 14 and iPhone users.

Two of the tweets relate to foldable phones, which Samsung has been offering for a while. With messages like “What the flip, Apple?” and “What’s the handle on the Fold, Apple?” Samsung laughs at introducing its first foldable phone over two years ago, while Apple still doesn’t have one.

Another joke from Samsung has to do with the camera. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have a new 48-megapixel wide lens, which is the first megapixel upgrade in iPhone since the iPhone 6s camera in 2015. However, Samsung says, “48 megapixels? You’re almost there, Apple In 2020, the company introduced a 108-megapixel sensor with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

But the campaign doesn’t stop there. As noted by some people, Samsung even put up billboards with similar jokes. One of them says that Galaxy devices have been able to record video in 8K for more than two years, while even iPhone 14 Pro is still limited to 4K video.

While some people seem to enjoy the jokes, others don’t see how to convince someone to switch from iPhone to a Samsung smartphone.


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