Wicket Gaming Launches Cricket Manager Pro for iOS

Wicket Gaming AB (publ) today launched the company’s free-to-play cricket manager game, Cricket Manager Pro, for Apple’s mobile operating system – iOS. This means a significantly higher potential audience reach.

With the launch for iOS, the game will be able to reach the number of players with an iPhone. iOS is estimated to have a global market share of approximately 27 percent* and has 1.8 billion devices connected today, according to Apple. ** In the countries Wicket considers to be the main markets for Cricket Manager Pro, Android dominates among mobile users.

In a comment, Wicket Gamingthe CEO, Eric de Bassosay:

“The fact that Cricket Manager Pro is now available for iOS is an important milestone for us. Now that the game is available to iPhone users around the world, it will also be able to attract a new audience that we have not reached before. is the dominant system in our major markets, but the share of iPhone users is growing rapidly.”



For more information, please contact:

Eric de BassoDIRECTOR, Wicket Gaming AB
E-mail address:
Phone: +46 70 780 52 00

About Wicket Gaming

Wicket Gaming is a Swedish game development company founded in 2015. The company’s business concept is based on developing and distributing so-called free-to-play games in the sports genre based on its own brands. Since its inception, the company has been developing its first title, Cricket Manager, a manager game in mobile cricket that aims to create and own their own cricket club and compete against other players around the world. The goal is to create one of the world’s most popular cricket manager games for mobile devices and use a technical platform to expand the game portfolio with other sports manager games.

For more information, see Wicket Gaming‘s website,c3628107


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