Wine 7.17 released as a minor update for running Windows games/apps on Linux


Wine 7.17 is out as the latest biweekly development release, but due to US Labor Day last week seems to be a driving factor in this update being rather minor.

Wine 7.17’s release notes simply boil down to the following notable changes:

– Support for high Unicode planes in DirectWrite.

– Some are working on Wow64 support in the Vulkan driver.

– Various bug fixes.

Wine 7.17 is also light on the bug fixes with only 18 in the last two weeks.
Wine 7.17 has fixes for games like Riot Vanguard and Earth 2150 for applications like Ice Cream Calculator and Visual Studio Community 2022. One of the fixes is a change to address the broken display of the UI for multiple applications when running on a non-standard monitor DPI setting. Among those broken applications that display incorrectly are for 7-Zip, WinRAR, and even some of Wine’s own built-in apps as a recent regression.

Downloads and full list of patches for Wine 7.17 from


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