Xbox One X console owners promised to reimburse Cyberpunk 2077 expansion with Microsoft Store credit

Owners of the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X console will get Microsoft Store credits due to the expansion leaving the last generation of consoles.

Earlier this week, CD Projekt unveiled Cyberpunk 2077’s debut expansion, Phantom Liberty, which launches in 2023. However, the developer announced that the new expansion would skip launch on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles, essentially breaking a previous promise to a certain audience.

Before Cyberpunk 2077 launched in late 2020, a limited edition version of the Xbox One X console was put up for sale, styled around CD Projekt’s upcoming RPG. Crucially, though, the console promised that anyone who bought it would get free access to the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion when it finally launched.

Two years later and things have clearly changed. CD Projekt no longer plans to launch the game’s debut expansion on last-generation systems, and as such, the bonus for the limited edition Xbox One X console is void.

Like the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit (opens in new tab) However, CD Projekt has quietly announced that anyone who purchased the limited edition Xbox One X will receive Microsoft Store credits to compensate them. However, there are no details on how many credits users will receive, or when they will actually receive the compensation.


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