New Nintendo Switch Mickey Mouse game looks like a cartoon


An animated Goofy points two fingers at a smiling Mickey Mouse.

Screenshot: Disney

Revealed today at the somewhat disappointing Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Illusion Island is a new 2D animated platformer being developed by DLaLa Studios and dieseems to be heavily inspired by the recent (and fantastic) animation Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. And oddly enough, this new platformer is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Illusion Island is a four-player co-op platformer featuring the iconic Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy… the uh, Goofy. According to an interview with IGNis this new platformer built on the “fundamental elements” of a previously canceled game that Dlala Studios were also under development. That game, which was never officially announced, was also planned as a co-op game, featuring 2D, hand-drawn art and famous Disney characters. That all sounds very new Illusion Island. That original game was canned in 2016 before it was officially announced, but now it seems to live on in some form.

Nintendo / Disney


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