5 Reasons Not To Install Free Phone Tracker App Without Consent

If you want to track the whereabouts of your loved ones in real word, you may think that installing a free phone tracker app without permission is a great idea. While this can be very tempting, tracking a phone without the user’s knowledge is always a bad move. This is why.

1. There are better options available

Let’s assume you’re a good person. You are concerned about the well-being of your loved one, your spouse, your sibling, child or friend.

You may be concerned that they will go to risky places, and you may have to pick them up if they are unable to call you to tell you where they are. It may seem reasonable for you to use an app to track their phone without permission, but there are better options out there.

If you and your target know and trust each other, it’s easy to set up location sharing on iPhone or, with Google Maps on Android, follow your friends in real time.

No additional software is needed and this way you both always know where the other is.

2. Tracking a phone without the user’s knowledge is creepy

If you can’t convince your friend to share their location with Google Maps, or you can’t get them to track on iPhone, now you are probably looking for the best phone tracker app that you can install without permission.

Stop there for a moment. Don’t you think that’s a little scary? Sinister maybe? Is this something you would be ashamed of if other people found out about it? Would you be ashamed if it went to court? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you should not install a good phone tracker app without permission.

3. Installing a free Phone Tracker app can ruin relationships

No matter how good your intentions, installing software on someone else’s phone without permission is a betrayal of trust.

If they’re already a part of your life, the person you want to track already trusts you with many things, including physical access or proximity to their phone. By installing a tracker app without permission, you’re undermining that trust, and when they find out (and yes, they will eventually find out), you may find that they don’t trust you at all anymore.


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