5 Types of Android Apps You Don’t Need to Use Now

According to Statista, the Google Play Store had more than 2.6 million apps in June 2022. With so many applications at your disposal, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have two or even three of the same kind of apps. For example, you probably have more than one browser and possibly multiple file explorers, calendars, and even audio players on your phone.

Yes, not every app is exactly the same as some have different features that set them apart from the rest. You may have a note-taking app that is good for to-do lists and another note-taking app that allows you to export the note to a PDF. While both are essentially the same, they offer you different functionalities. In cases like this, it makes sense to keep both apps handy.

However, if you have too many redundant apps on your phone, they will eventually slow down your device. It’s always a good idea to choose which of your similar apps you like best and uninstall the others.


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