Android 13 Pixel update reported bugs in the software –

Last week, Google stated that the September update for Android 13 Pixel will be rolled out on Tuesday, September 6. The update reported many issues, including one that caused Pixel phones to overheat and drain their batteries. Since this was an issue that yours was really experiencing, we were eager for the update to arrive.

The first post-launch update includes five updates, including battery and charging, biometrics, Bluetooth, and user interface.

A major issue being fixed is how the Android 13 Pixel update interfered with wireless charging for several smartphones, most notably the Pixel 4. Google also fixes power consumption and Bluetooth connectivity issues associated with the launcher. Finally, notifications on the lockscreen should no longer be truncated.

Charge battery

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused significant battery drain due to certain background launcher activities.
Fixed an issue that prevented wireless charging mode from activating under certain circumstances.

Improvements in fingerprint recognition and response under specific situations.


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