Athol Daily News – Ask the PC Doctor: Google Slides is like PowerPoint, but free


Published: 9/11/2022 16:06:20 PM

Modified: 9/11/2022 16:05:49 PM

dEAR PC DOCTOR: I’ve been asked to give a talk on an art project I’m working on. I have a lot of pictures and I think I know what I want to say. I thought I would make a PowerPoint presentation, but the computer I borrowed doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed and I don’t have a Microsoft account to use their online versions. I’ve kind of committed already. I could just project my photos and speak freehand, but I’d like to do something more formal. Are there other options?

—Thank you Spence


You are writing to me with a Gmail address, so I assume you have a Google account. Have you ever used Google Slides? It is a tool quite similar to Power Point that you can use for free. With Slides you work in the cloud, where all changes you make are saved. You can access and edit your Slideshow Slides from any device, as long as you know your credentials.

First, sign in to your Google account. In the top right corner of your screen, you should see a nine-dot square. Click on the yellow icon called Slides. You will see prompts to choose a presentation template or start a new one.


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