Carsifi Wireless Android Auto Receiver Review – Simple, Convenient and Functional


A few weeks ago we took a quick look at the Carsifi wireless Android Auto adapter. Their team was kind enough to send us a review unit so that ended up in my car and has been sitting there for the past few weeks.

I’ll be honest, I was quite dubious about the actual capabilities of the device given its relatively low cost and given that I’ve seen several other devices, evidently do the same and don’t be much more than an expensive paperweight.

Fortunately, my fears were quickly allayed as the Carsifi adapter just worked as it says, but that’s not where the review ends. Due to the simplicity of the device, this won’t be a big review, but in our testing time it was a great experience.

So what is it?

Physically, it’s an adapter that measures 35.5 x 65.5 x 9.3mm and connects your phone to your Android Auto-enabled stereo. The Carsifi is powered by the USB port. It makes a wireless connection with to replace the physical cable between your mobile device and stereo.

In the box you get:

  • The device itself
  • A pair of cables: a USB-C to USB-C and a USB-A to USB-C
  • A piece of double-sided adhesive tape to fix the device firmly in your vehicle

It’s pretty simple on paper, but when setting up the device, I was really impressed with the simplicity. It took less than two minutes to hook it up to my vehicle, be connected and play music. Then you have to choose exactly where you want to mount or hide the device. For many, hiding it is a good choice, but if – like me – you switch phones frequently, keep it accessible so you can reset the connection for your new phone.

Once plugged in, the experience is almost seamless

As I mentioned before, I was a little concerned that this – like other similar devices before it – just wouldn’t work. But once I paired it up and established the connection, it worked as I would expect from a physical cable:

  • A connection notification on your mobile device
  • The head unit showed connection established
  • Android Auto appeared and functioned normally

While this is super handy because your phone connects automatically from your pocket and it “just works”, there are a few minor drawbacks worth noting. To start with the obvious, your phone will not charge during the day for battery charging. If you’re sitting at a desk during the day, no problem, but if you’re relying on this you should either look into alternative charging options or consider that the Carsifi isn’t for you.


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