Do we know how dynamic screen refresh works on 14 Pro & Pro Max?

I think my question applies to iPhone 13 as well, as I assume it works the same, but it gets even more interesting for me with the new down-to-1Hz displays on the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Do we know how the hardware/software determines which refresh rate to use? Are screen refresh rate changes implemented on a system-wide driver-level (or lower) basis based solely on the perceived rate of change of display content or is there an API that allows apps and bits of iOS to explicitly tell the hardware what refresh rate to switch the screen to? pose?I hope it’s the former because if it is, I’m assuming all apps, both built-in and third-party, would automatically get the potential benefit of the extra power savings if their content is static enough to let the screen take its time spend on very low refresh rates. However, if an API is involved, the first hurdle is for third-party apps or Apple that API has made publicly available and even if it is, the second hurdle is whether a particular app developer will release an update that takes advantage of that API.

This is all of particular interest to me because the main part of the screen-on time on my iPhone is spent reading ebooks with Kindle, while other apps like WhatsApp, newsreaders, weather apps, Wikipedia, and several others. reference apps most of my remaining screen time. I’m guessing that over 95% of the time I’m on my screen I’m looking at really pretty static content (Kindle is the most static, 100% static content, apart from a page that turns every 45 seconds or so). If the refresh rate goes to 1 Hz if needed, I think (hope) I’ll see a really spectacular increase in my battery life. Obviously the modem connects to my 4G service all the time (I turn 5G off) so eventually it will drain the battery but if for some reason I haven’t been reading much or something else on my phone ( a 13 Pro Max) and it’s just sat on my desk with the occasional few messages and then it takes about 5 or even 6 days for me to get the 10% warning and I’m curious if, if the screen goes into 1Hz for Kindle etc or I can still be used for 4 or 5 days between charges even with a few hours of ebook reading a day.

Such long charge times may seem a bit pointless to some people, but one of my battery life milestones is getting to the point where I can go a long four day weekend away with a fully charged phone and still be fine. even if I forgot to pack a charger or if one broke.


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