Emirates News Agency – IGCF Workshops to Explore the Future of Government Communications


SHARJAH, Sept. 11, 2022 (WAM) — A world of learning opportunities for aspiring government communications professionals and public affairs specialists knocks on the door as the 11th Annual International Government Communication Forum (IGCF), taking place at Expo Center Sharjah on 28 – September 29, announces a packed agenda of specialized workshops.

Led by communications specialists and opinion leaders at the two-day forum, which will bear the slogan ‘Challenges and Solutions’, the daily workshops will introduce the latest digital innovations driving the industry, while highlighting best practices and the journeys of local and global media entities, providing an ideal skills training platform for college students, young government communications professionals, media professionals, government officials, and all individuals working in any capacity in the field of formulating and delivering government communications to the public.

Sky News Academy is organizing a workshop entitled ‘Digital Content Innovation, from/to phones’ led by Abnoub Mansour and Eman Khattab, presenters at Sky News Arabia, which will highlight to participants the best tools for creating professional content with smartphones .

Participants will learn ways to turn the official content of institutions into compelling messages that can be sent digitally for the current generation of end-users who prefer to communicate through their smart devices. The workshops will also highlight how to increase public engagement with government on social media, sharing specific guidelines on ways to make their posts more appealing to smartphone users.

A workshop entitled “Government Communications in the Digital Age”, organized by the Arab Administrative Development Organization – League of Arab States, will provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop government communication systems, in light of the administrative and technological dimensions that have changed the characteristics of communication and provided new tools that allow communicators to increase the impact of messages and measurement methods and the application of modern management principles in achieving goals.

Led by Dr. Mona Magdy, certified trainer from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK, the workshop will highlight the characteristics of effective government communication in the digital age, craft persuasive messages to build status, impact measurement and performance evaluation indicators for effective communication. digital storytelling skills and best practices.

Organized by Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Foresight (AIJRF), a workshop entitled ‘The AI ​​​​Journalism Mini Diploma’ is aimed at media professionals, government leaders and government communications officials, and content creators to enable them to successfully use artificial intelligence (AI)- applications and solutions in the content industry, as well as for managing government services and realizing key organizational goals and strategies.

The workshop is led by Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, CEO of AIJRF; and Fadi Rida Hammoudeh, certified trainer of AI services from Fonn Group, who will introduce participants to AI journalism born from the tools and technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and lay the foundation for Big Data analytics in the media.

The session will also focus on AI applications and solutions in government communications and international media, links between AI techniques and social media, and talk about the basics of robotics marketing.


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