Franchising now easier via app


As a business leader, Manny Pascual has a knack for defying convention and being the first to tread less traveled paths. The 46-year-old network marketing expert is a pioneer in offering a one-stop-shop super app and bundling franchising in his Unified Products and Services app.

The app offers products at wholesale prices for the benefit of struggling consumers. At the same time, it facilitates franchising to serve enterprising Filipinos who need a steady source of income.

By signing up for a premium account, a Unified super app user can refer as many friends or family members as possible to become app users and open the door to a perpetual revenue stream.

Premium members receive a share link that can be used to refer other users.

Every time a ‘downline’ member makes a transaction in the super app, a residual income is generated. The principle of network marketing applies and the continuity of monetization is ensured.


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