Get ready, iOS 16 is rolling out tomorrow. Is your iPhone compatible?


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apples iPhone 14 is officially here. The new iPhone debuted alongside the iPhone 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max at the company’s “Far Out” event — here’s everything that was announced. Every iPhone 14 model comes with Apple’s fresh iOS 16 software already installed, but the update will be available for other iPhones as well. iOS 16 will be released on Monday September 12 to compatible iPhones.

I played with iOS 16 beta for months and can now tell you that features like stop sending text messages and automatic remove people and objects from photos its early highlights.

Unfortunately, not every existing iPhone will be compatible with Apple’s latest software — some owners simply won’t be able to install iOS 16, especially on older devices you’re attached to or have used in other ways to give your old iPhone a new life. We’ll show you what we now know about iOS 16 compatibility for your iPhone once Apple makes the new software available to the general public. Here you can also read how to battery percentage to your iPhone status bar with iOS 16.

Any iPhone model running iOS 16 . supports

The next iPhones will be compatible with iOS 16 once Apple makes the new software available for download on September 12.

It is also expected that each model in the iPhone 14 Series will run iOS 16 when it arrives.

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Testing iOS 16 (edit/delete sent messages, new lock screen…


Find out which iPhone model you have

Not sure which iPhone you own? You can easily find out the model from your settings to make sure iOS 16 is running.

To find your iPhone model, launch the Settings app and go to General > About. Next Model Name, you should see what type of iPhone you own. Below that you see a Model Numberwhich you can use to find out more details about your model such as capacity and launch year, but it is not necessary (for iPhone SE only) to check whether your phone supports iOS 16 or not.

Model Name of iPhoneGo to Settings > General > About to check your iPhone model.


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