Gulf Researcher Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Gulf Researcher WLL is the first GCC headquartered research firm to receive acclaimed ISO 27001 information security certification, in recognition of its exceptional commitment to protecting its clients’ information assets

Gulf Researcher WLL has received the renowned information security certification ISO 27001, after a strict audit by an international certification body. It is the first research firm headquartered in the GCC to achieve this milestone. The ISO certificate was awarded to Mr Mahmood Kamel AlSaleh, the general manager of Gulf Researcher.

Gulf Researcher is a one-stop-shop research company that provides comprehensive research solutions for clients in the public and private sectors. Since its inception in 2013, the company has conducted a significant number of research projects and studies across a wide range of industries. The company has been able to build long-term strategic partnerships with ministries and authorities in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain as their external investigative team.

“We are proud to receive this accreditation, which demonstrates Gulf Researcher’s commitment to protecting our customers’ most sensitive information.” explained AlSaleh. He added: “With the rapidly evolving landscape of information security risks, the importance of this achievement cannot be overstated. This certification will also allow the company to broaden its research offerings and expand its relationships with existing and new international clientele”.


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