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How are Emmy awards chosen?


Monday September 12 is the date of the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. In the ceremony, which will be held in downtown Los Angeles, the television heavyweights will go head-to-head to brag about the quality of their shows.

The nominations have already been released, the voting has been completed and the gold envelopes have been secured.

But the process from airing a show to lifting a prize is longer than you might think.

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So what is the actual process?

To join the Academy, an individual must meet a list of specific requirements, as well as verify their employment status in the industry and pay an annual membership fee. For example, if someone wants to join the Academy as a representative of the animation industry, a professional must prove that they have worked in one or more qualifying positions for at least two years in the past four years.

As of May 2018, the Television Academy now consists of: more than 23,000 voting members, divided into peer groups that focus on and vote within a specific field. Before voting can take place, however, nominees must be chosen.

To be nominated, a program, artist or individual achievement must be submitted. Once the nominations are in, voters can proceed to pick the nominees they felt “example of excellence.”

At the Emmy Awards there is one total 16 categories pertaining to different seasons, actors or actresses, as well as the script and directing. This will take place before the official nominees of each category are announced in mid-July. Ernst & Young are the accountants who check the ballot papers by hand after the votes are first counted.

After a show is nominated, voters are required to watch the season’s episodes chosen by the show’s producers. Individual nominees select their best work of that season.

Members can then participate in voting for their favorite shows. Votes are cast online and there is a verification process to ensure that voters have actually seen what they are putting forward. Ernst & Young then checks the ballot papers and counts the number of votes.

There is still work to be done for the accountants. Once the winners’ names are in the envelopes and sealed, the accountants take the envelopes in briefcases to the prize giving. However, the individual accountants are not aware of winners until they are publicly announced.

Finally, the celebrity on stage takes credit and announces the winner of the award at the award ceremony.


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