How the SafeUP app helps women feel safer in public spaces


The SafeUP app is building a volunteer network to help women around the world feel safer and access help whenever and wherever they are.

Women around the world face fear and public harassment on a daily basis, and that harassment can take many forms, from unwelcome comments to physical violence. This fear limits women’s freedom to travel and feel comfortable in public spaces.

Fortunately, organizations such as the United Nations are working on solutions to these issues. And a free app called SafeUP offers a particularly practical solution. Here’s what you can do with the SafeUP app on your smartphone.

What is SafeUP?

SafeUP is a personal safety app for women and girls that provides 24/7 real-time help to users. It is a revolutionary product developed by a community safety network to empower women around the world to feel safe and empowered in their daily lives.

SafeUP operates in dozens of countries around the world and is the largest global provider of women’s safety. SafeUP is also a completely free app. When you open it for the first time, you will be required to provide your name and age and undergo a video verification check to validate your identity. It is a simple process to access the features of the app and once your profile is activated you can explore all that SafeUP has to offer.

to download: SafeUP for iOS | android (free)

How does SafeUP work?

SafeUp’s main screen shows your live location on a map, as long as you have location tracking enabled on your phone. You can immediately spot nearby guards, who are represented with a dark purple shield. You will also see other SafeUP members, indicated by a light purple flag.

At the bottom of the main screen are photos of the closest guards, with an option to call them. If at any time you feel unsafe, just tap the Call guardians knob. You can choose to have a video or audio call. The guardians will support you and stay on the line until you reach your destination and feel safe again. Of course you should also contact the police if you are in immediate danger. If you think you’re being tracked with someone else’s AirTag, read this advice on what to do about unauthorized AirTag tracking.


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