How to switch clock style on Android phone lock screen


Android 12 introduced a two-line clock on the lock screen that proved a bit controversial as some users preferred the simpler, one-line design of the old clock. This new bigger clock style appeared on the lock screen if there were no notifications and would revert to the old one-line style if a notification came in.

In one of the early Android 12L betas, a switch was found that would make this two-line design optional which also continued in the later betas. The same was found in the Android 13 betas, but as usual with beta versions, we weren’t sure if it would make it to the official Android 13 release.

Old lock screen one line clock style vs new two line clock

Fortunately it did. Android 13 came with this switch which now allows to use the desired clock style in the lock screen. Since Android 13 has yet to be rolled out to devices other than the Google Pixel phones, these instructions and screenshots below on how to use it are specific to the Pixel launcher.

To switch between the two clock styles, go to the Settingsand then scroll down to “Display.” In the display settings, select “Lock screen”, then scroll down to “Double Line Clock.” The double-line clock setting defaults to my default, but here you can disable this setting to go back to the old-style single-line clock.


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