iOS 16’s full feature set won’t be available until later this year

The focus of the week was on the unveiling of the new iPhone. Given the specs, prices have also been in the news, especially in Spain. And the price of these devices remains the same in the US and increases in Europe. There is a reason for this situation, which we will try to explore in this essay. Even if it’s right, it still delivers news and to the dismay of many people, it offers a horrific picture of the world in 2023. Also on Android. especially for Android.

Of the 1,129 euros that the MacBook Air M1 cost in 2020, this new generation in the basic configuration cost 1,519 euros. An increase of almost 400 euros which, although it could justify the change of processor and design, did not match what was seen in the United States, the home country of Apple and where the same price was maintained as the entry-level M1. Although if there’s a bloody fact in all of this, it’s what happened to the existing MacBook Air M1. Without changing anything, it started to cost 1,219 euros. An increase of almost 90 euros literally overnight, and Apple did not apply that in its native country either.

June 2022. Apple celebrated its WWDC 2022 in which, in addition to presenting iOS 16 and the rest of the operating systems, the Californian company introduced a new generation of its flagship laptop: the MacBook Air M2. This new terminal brought a surprise in the form of a price increase.

The most common thing with any manufacturer, and in particular with Apple, is that they take advantage of the launch of new smartphones to lower the price of the previous generation and even stop it. And while we didn’t have high hopes for it in the case of the MacBook Air, we had to wait a while. And indeed, Apple changed its pricing policy again and again only on European soil.


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