iOS: Weapons credit card purchases are now traceable

The United States of America appearing outside of cinema and television can be a foreign country. Last week, the Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization (IOS) approved the merchant category code for firearms stores.

Weapons purchased via credit cards are thus now traceable and ‘suspicious purchases’ are brought to the attention of law authorities. Many who prefer “arms control” (sic) in the US, a country along with other countries such as Afghanistan, where many states can buy weapons without much difficulty, have welcomed this “check and balance”. Our response: people can buy weapons there with their credit card?! Cultural relativism seems to stem from the barrel of a gun.

The big shift that has taken place is don’t hold back, IOS is moving stores that sell weapons from the ‘miscellaneous stores’ or ‘sports stores’ category to a separate category of ‘weapons sellers’. Most Americans apparently use cash to buy guns. Some fintech companies that offer simple EMI options, pooh-pooh this “radical change.”

They argue that debit cards can (and are) used as a weapon payment option – and debit cards are not covered by the new IOS measure – making this smart move hardly ‘bulletproof’. America remains a strange empire to us. They buy guns more easily than drugs.


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