It’s all a bit Event Horizon meets Aliens in the demo for this sci-fi horror roguelike


Keep that gun close, kids, because Quasimorphosis is an upcoming roguelike survival horror game that combines tactical gunplay with space station dungeon exploration. Set in a post-cyberpunk corporate future, it’s the kind of world you wouldn’t want to have kids in: especially now that someone figured out how to summon eldritch demons and all.

It was first released for free earlier this year as a complete, completed roguelike proof of concept. That’s called Quasimorphosis: Exordium (opens in new tab)and it’s still free, but the development team MgnmScrptmDvs has teamed up with HypeTrain Digital to publish a fuller version of their game.

In it, you take control of a private military contractor on the trail of dark secrets and “the unforgivable things mankind has committed in the deep, dark depths of space.” That includes ‘creatures from a parallel dimension’ who are a ‘threat to all life’. classic.

It’s a cool sounding concept, where you travel through the solar system in your PMC’s ship and discover things like “planetary bases, secret labs, spaceship wrecks and other points of interest” to get sweet loot: new weapons, new technology, new biological augmentations. Those bases are part of a political system among corporations, where you have to balance how much the big dogs like you with your missions.

What’s nice is that while it’s a roguelike with dangerously high stakes and random hits, the tactical combat is balanced against the ability to copy your agents’ memories to disk. Therefore, valuable characters and their experience can be recovered to clone bodies.


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