Learn how to make your console and PC and make your own connections once you reach Overwatch 2 iPods


Overwatch 2 supports the Go-Development between your console and Fight.Internet accounts. The knowledge you have gained with each console and Fight.internet should be merged. It is a timely act to ensure the logical connection between your security right and Fight.internet account and to hyperlink your accounts even if they are not connected yet. With Overwatch 2 releasing on October 4, you’ll need to combine the accounts to ensure all your cosmetics are on one account, giving you access to both platforms.

Learn how to link the computer to the console and watch screen in Overwatch.

You need to pair your consoles and your PCs before Overwatch 2s is released.

  • Let go of the rung for your machine.
  • Press the Confirm button to assist the user on the welcome screen.
  • Your passport will be converted into an alphanumeric code and a QR code.
    • The alphanumeric code is set at blizzard.com/link.
    • The QR code is also scanned with a mobile app to connect you to the link site, which can be pre-populated with the code. It will probably come with the in-game encryption.
  • Log in along with your Fight.internet account credentials to define the relationship between your console recreation and Fight.internet accounts.
  • You will receive an in-game message that your account has been retrieved with no effect.
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