Microsoft Edge wallets to save you more money with coupons and discounts

Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser Edge will be equipped with Wallets, a feature that aims to provide users with some digital asset management and money-saving benefits.

While there’s no official confirmation yet, the recent Windows Latest report suggests that the Wallet feature will soon be available on Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices. Later, Android and iOS devices will receive the updates.

Microsoft Edge Wallet Features

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The wallet function is useful when making online purchases. It protects valuable customer information such as credit card numbers, CVV, ability to store debit cards, etc.

However, the feature is not new. Microsoft Edge always had “Payment Info” settings on the platform to securely store online transaction information.

The new update will upgrade the existing feature with a dedicated ‘Wallet’ page. After the final rollout, Microsoft Edge users will find a ‘Payment Method’ option that contains a visual preview of stored credit card information such as expiration date, CVV, etc. associated with the Microsoft account.

Users can also give preferred names to the cards. The Wallet allows them to edit the card details by clicking on the saved items. For new users with no saved credit card information, Wallet offers them to add it manually later. It is of course completely voluntary.

Wallet Benefits for Edge Users

The main benefit is the improved customer experience, as users no longer have to manually enter their valuable credit card information. It minimizes the risks of keylogger attempts.

Here is a comprehensive list of other great benefits Wallet would offer:

Increased Savings: An important advantage would be a significant cost saving. Every year, Wallet would allow users to set aside as much as $50.


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