Mod just puts ULTRAKILL upright in Devil May Cry 5 and it works


Ever wondered what would happen if you turned Nero, Dante and Vergil into something arguably more murderous? Well, a mud wondered and then acted on this thought: Behold, the robots of Ultrakill (opens in new tab) brought in Devil May Cry 5. (opens in new tab)

Ultrakill is a wild ride of a retro shooter that makes robots bathe in the blood of their enemies to heal, which in our opinion of Chris Livingston is “even more metal than DOOM”. (opens in new tab) Devil May Cry 5 is a third-person action brawler in an iconic series that we’re all still a little annoyed with not getting the right special edition of on PC. (opens in new tab)

Created by modder sparkie1j, the Ultrakill Megapack series of mods wildly mix one game after another like a trendy 2010s t-shirt site except with a bit of taste and skill. It also has work from modders Haise, sugarflow and jacksys.

The mods do a lot of stuff: the knucklebuster, shotgun, some swords, the whiplash arm, sentry head – it’s a lot, okay? Their main feature is actually to put modder SamuelJB’s models of robots V1 and V2 into DMC5, along with an array of swords and weapons designed by other modders. Once you’ve done that, well bam: Devil May Cry with sarcastic boomer shooter gunbots.

Ultrakill Megapack 2 is actually a continuation of a series of mods that are adding more and more Ultrakill stuff to DMC5. Previous packs in the series did smaller things, but the additions of things like the rocket launcher and knuckle buster in this new pack make it much more iconic Ultrakill.


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